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[bongo-devel] Re: Marks

From: Daniel Jensen
Subject: [bongo-devel] Re: Marks
Date: Fri, 09 Feb 2007 15:43:53 +0100
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Daniel Brockman <address@hidden> writes:

> address@hidden (Daniel Jensen) writes:
>> Or we could do it the Gnus way with a stack for saving
>> sets of marks.
> Does _that_ have any use cases?

I don't know, really. Maybe the step from saving one set of marks to
saving a stack of sets is not that great.

>> Dired does not remove the marks, I think.  Gnus does, but
>> as mentioned it can save marks.
> Okay.  I intuitively think it makes more sense for Dired to
> retain the marks that it does for Bongo.

That's fine. As long as it's customizable, I won't complain.

> I don't have any intuition about Gnus, because I can't really
> imagine what people use marks in Gnus for.

Well, moving articles for example. There's plenty you can do.

Maybe you want to poll gnu.emacs.gnus?

>> Looking at Gnus, I see another marking command I'd like
>> for Bongo to have: invert marks.
> `* i'?

It's `* t' in Dired, t is for toggle, but `* i' is also fine.

>> It still needs the redisplay hack I talked about, [...]
> I can't reproduce this.

Well, of course it works now when I've had some sleep!

> Marking hidden tracks using `% m' does not work, as you say,
> but I don't know if that's a bug or a feature.

I don't understand why it shouldn't mark hidden tracks. They are not
hidden for that reason. If you want to have it this way, it is
inconsistent with commands that pick up marked hidden tracks.

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