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Re: [Xlog-discussion] Re: Xlog-discussion Digest, Vol 72, Issue 2

From: Tomi Manninen
Subject: Re: [Xlog-discussion] Re: Xlog-discussion Digest, Vol 72, Issue 2
Date: Sun, 03 Jan 2010 18:58:09 +0200
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Jan Ditzian wrote:

     Jan>  Here is the error message I get with gMFSK:

     Jan>  sound_open_for_write: opensnd: open: /dev/dsp: Device or
     Jan>  resource busy

I thank all for the responses. Fldigi seems to work when gMFSK does not. I have already tried shutting down everything but gMFSK (I think), and it still did not work. My latest wrinkle is that the T/R switch on my Omni has gone out, so I have no amp, and that is my next project. However, I will try one more thing soon. I will reboot, and try gMFSK as the first program after getting back into Linux. I strongly suspect that it will give me the same error message, but we shall see.

gMFSK uses the old OSS interface to the sound hardware. Support for
that has been less than optimal in distributions for some time
now. (There are also other problems besides problems with concurrent
access, like poor sample rate conversions, clicks in the sound stream

I'm assuming fldigi uses native ALSA or some other more modern
access method to the sound hw.

So until I get around rewriting gMFSK, you should probably use

Jan, KX2A

/Tomi, oh2bns

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