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Re: [Xlog-discussion] Re: Xlog-discussion Digest, Vol 72, Issue 2

From: Ed
Subject: Re: [Xlog-discussion] Re: Xlog-discussion Digest, Vol 72, Issue 2
Date: Sat, 2 Jan 2010 19:29:48 -0500

On Sat, 02 Jan 2010 18:25:44 -0500
Jan Ditzian <address@hidden> wrote:

> Ed,
> Please excuse the look of this e-mail.  Suddenly, my mail program
> replies do not have the content of the original e-mail below what is
> on the screen. 

My email client does not render HTML mail properly. I have to rely on
an external HTML viewer. In the early days of Linux plain text email
was all that was available. If someone sent you a HTML mail you where
just out of luck. I see you are using Thunderbird so getting it set
right is just a matter of visiting your preference file. 

> Your question about why I think that Hamlib has software PTT, is that
> with my other computer, gMFSK operated the PTT on my Omni VI.
> Perhaps it was gMFSK that did this, and not Hamlib, but it is surely
> a software command, because I do not have any other PTT wired up, and
> the vox is off.

As other applications that offer rig control, gMFSK accesses the hamlib
library. gMFSK cannot generate PTT, it offers you the option, but it is
all controlled via hamlib. Any application that offers rig control uses
the hamlib library.

I looked at the latest changelog for hamlib. It made no mention of
adding PTT to the Omni6. Not saying they didn't, its just not

The Omni6 does have a software command for PTT, but it was never
implemented in the Omni6 backend in hamlib.

> I have dug further into my whole problem with gMFSK and I expect that
> Linuxham may be the more appropriate place to deal with it, although
> this group has been quite indulgent and helpful in this area.

Politics, religon, flaming, and inappropriate language will get
bounced off a Linux group so fast your eyes will spin. Joop PG4I the
list owner is very tolerant. If he thinks this thread needs to move
elsewhere, I would do it without hesistation. I have a lot of respect
for his work not only within Linux, but ham related projects as well.

But to be honest, the linuxham group would be more of an advantage.
Dave, W1HKJ, before he started fldigi provided much needed updates to

> Late Friday, it suddenly occurred to me that my error message had
> nothing to do with PTT.  I did the experiment of disconnecting the
> rig, telling gMFSK not to operate PTT, and then trying to generate a
> PSK or RTTY diddle.  The same error message up, and I realized that
> it is saying that the computer cannot talk through the sound card,
> even though it listens just fine, and it talks just fine to play
> videos or play system sounds.
> Here is the error message I get with gMFSK:
> sound_open_for_write: opensnd: open: /dev/dsp: Device or resource busy

This means that something other than gMFSK is using the sound card.

/dev/dsp is the sound card "manager" for the lack of a better word.

> If someone here has insight based on this message, I would appreciate
> it.  If it is more appropriate, I will continue to chase this at
> Linuxham, but I do not want to keep two threads open on different
> discussion boards at the same time, so I won't go back there unless
> someone decides to respond to my earlier posts.  I came here first,
> so I will sopt posting on this thread if there is no further input,
> but I await the pleasure of this group.
> BTW, HNY all.
> Jan, KX2A

I think you will have a better chance of getting this worked out at

I would also recommend that you think about leaving gMFSK and trying
your hand at fldigi. fldigi is regularly maintained and updated, we
have a 800+ member list. I thoroughly tested rig control with PTT for
the Omni6 with fldigi. Worked perfectly. I have been invovled with the
fldigi project for more than 3 years. Take a look here ::


Feel free to drop me a note off-list if you want. I average 300+ emails
a month. One more won't hurt.


linuxham moderator and fldigi Alpha tester.

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