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Re: [Xlog-discussion] Documenting cabrillo import

From: Jacob Anawalt
Subject: Re: [Xlog-discussion] Documenting cabrillo import
Date: Mon, 11 Jun 2007 22:57:57 -0600
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Joop Stakenborg wrote:

You did alright. There were no errors ;-) committed to CVS.

Good. When I updated with git cvsimport it didn't merge together automatically, so I just took the cvs version. Lots to learn on using git.

I have some questions about the cabrillo formats. Hopefully someone can field them so I can expand the documentation if anything relevant comes out of it.

The first is about the format Xlog exports as vs the "other ARRL and CQ contests, ..." formats. Some of them have an additional field 't'. What goes there? Not all the samples under that block in the 2.0 spec page show it.


My next question is about the CBR_NA/cabrillo_na_widths parsing. I've recounted the template at the Cabrillo_v2 page a few times and it really seems like it is parsing too many fields for the first exchange, since there isn't a 't' column. I think the first width should be 20:

cabrillo_na_widths[] = { 5, 2, 10, 4, 20, 10, 21 };

Searching around some more for NAQP, I found another Cabrillo spec that was quite different.


It must be quite a challenge to come up with a contest log report format, and to write software flexible enough to handle the rules people come up with (or at least the current state of logs and software makes it seem so.) Check out this full page of hints on how to make the 7QP work (or how to put a square peg into a round hole.)


Jacob / kd7yko

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