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[Xlog-discussion] Documenting cabrillo import

From: Jacob Anawalt
Subject: [Xlog-discussion] Documenting cabrillo import
Date: Mon, 11 Jun 2007 09:01:36 -0600
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I'm looking over cabrillo.c and the xlog mailing lists to put together some documentation of the process.

I've built a git tree of the source from CVS (I'll post about the process another time) and am attaching a diff of what I've written so far. MANUAL appears to have become manual.tex, so that is where I've put my changes (no TeXpert, and hardly a novice, so I may not be doing things right).

Feedback is appreciated.

Jacob / kd7yko
diff --git a/data/doc/manual.tex b/data/doc/manual.tex
index d43590c..c302706 100644
--- a/data/doc/manual.tex
+++ b/data/doc/manual.tex
@@ -525,6 +525,42 @@ a spreadsheet. You can also use the "Save As" page of the
 "Settings $\rightarrow$ Dialogs and Windows"
 dialog to define the fields to export.
+The Cabrillo log format is the defacto standard format for log submission in
+many contests. It's aim is to be ``an interface between logging program
+authors and contest sponsors.'' As such, the information in the file is 
+generally limited with respect to day-to-day logging of contacts. 
+Xlog will import from and export to Cabrillo 2.0 files using the QSO template 
+for DARC Worked All Europe. This format is very similar to, and in most cases 
+should work for the QSO template for other ARRL and CQ contests, Stew Perry 
+contest, Oceania DX Contest and AP Sprint.
+                              --------info sent------- -------info rcvd--------
+QSO: freq  mo date       time call          rst exch   call          rst exch  
+QSO: ***** ** yyyy-mm-dd nnnn ************* nnn ****** ************* nnn ******
+QSO:  3799 PH 2003-03-23 0711 YB1AQS        59  700    DL8WPX        59  001   
+Xlog will additionally attempt to import QSOs from Cabrillo files claiming to
+be for the Sweepstakes, NAQP and NA Sprint contests by matching the CONTEST
+tag and adjusting it's input parsing accordingly.
+Xlog does not have contest specific exchange fields, instead the exchange data
+should go in the RST field. On export the data after the RS or RST 
+is split out for the exchange field of the Cabrillo file. On import the extra
+exchange data is joined with the RST into Xlog's TX and RX RST fields. 
+See also:
+\item http://www.kkn.net/~trey/cabrillo/
+]item logfile/cabrillo.c
 \section{Merging logs}
 xlog allows merging of 2 logs by selecting Log $\rightarrow$ Merge from the 
menu. You
 will need to select 2 log names. The new log will be called "log1+log2" after

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