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[Xlog-discussion] Re: XLog

From: Joop Stakenborg
Subject: [Xlog-discussion] Re: XLog
Date: Tue, 06 May 2003 21:10:12 +0200
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Larry Kirkland wrote:

Thanks for the tips.  Yes, I am using version 0.8.

I did as you suggested and changed the .timeout to 200 (from 2000) in ft1000mp.c. I recompiled hamlib and xlog. The change did not completely solve the problem. XLog still freezes if the rig is on. No frequency is displayed. If I turn the rig off, XLog displays the rig frequency correctly, but the program is extremely sluggish. If I turn the rig back on, the program freezes completely.

Larry, this is what I found in the ft1000mp code:

 * Right now, this FT-1000MP implementation is a big mess.
 * This is actually a fast copy past (from ft920.c),
 * just to make get_freq/set_freq and co to work for a friend of mine.

The best thing to do at this point is ask around on the hamlib-developer mailing list, see:


Nate (N0NB) might be able to help you out. He has done some work on other yaesu rigs.

When I start XLog from the shell command line, I get some errors that seem to be related to radios other than the FT-1000MP. They are listed before XLog starts. They are:

rig: dlsym(initrigs1_radioshack) failed (/usr/local/lib/libhamlib-1.1.4.so.1: undefined symbol: initrigs1_radioshack) rig: dlsym(initrigs1_lowe) failed (/usr/local/lib/libhamlib-1.1.4.so.1: undefined symbol: initrigs1_lowe) rig: dlsym(initrigs1_racal) failed (/usr/local/lib/libhamlib-1.1.4.so.1: undefined symbol: initrigs1_racal) rig: dlsym(initrigs1_wj) failed (/usr/local/lib/libhamlib-1.1.4.so.1: undefined symbol: initrigs1_wj) rig: dlsym(initrigs1_ek) failed (/usr/local/lib/libhamlib-1.1.4.so.1: undefined symbol: initrigs1_ek) rig: dlsym(initrigs1_skanti) failed (/usr/local/lib/libhamlib-1.1.4.so.1: undefined symbol: initrigs1_skanti) rig: dlsym(initrigs1_gnuradio) failed (/usr/local/lib/libhamlib-1.1.4.so.1: undefined symbol: initrigs1_gnuradio) rig: dlsym(initrigs1_microtune) failed (/usr/local/lib/libhamlib-1.1.4.so.1: undefined symbol: initrigs1_microtune)

This is nothing to worry about, just some debug info.

When I exit XLog, the following error messages are shown:

ft1000mp_get_level: ack NG -5ft1000mp_get_level: ack NG -5ft1000mp_get_level: ack NG -5ft1000mp_get_level: ack NG -5ft1000mp_get_level: ack NG -5ft1000mp_get_level: ack NG -5ft1000mp_get_level: ack NG -5ft1000mp_get_level: ack NG -5ft1000mp_get_level: ack NG -5ft1000mp_get_level: ack NG -5

Doesn't look good. They are errors which indicate something is wrong.

Anything else come to mind? Thanks in advance for your time. If you don't have the time, I certainly understand, and will leave you in peace.

Larry W4LK

At this point, I am out of possibilities. Sorry I can't help you out...

Joop PA4TU

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