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Re: [XBoard-devel] Development release

From: h . g . muller
Subject: Re: [XBoard-devel] Development release
Date: Wed, 9 Mar 2016 10:27:53 +0100
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Op Wo, 9 maart, 2016 12:26 am schreef Arun Persaud:
> I had that too a few days ago... worked again when I tried a few minutes
> later. Might be a server-side problem.

I am sure it is. But it still did not work this morning. I will keep trying.

> I'll see if I can do a dev-release in the next few days.

OK, great. I still pushed another patch that addressed a minor point
brought up by the Arasan author this morning to hgm.nubati.

I also noticed something else that could be a make-install bug: the
xboard.info file is created in the source directory, but it doesnotseemto
be installed in the proper place. When I run "info xboard" from the
command line, I get to see the manual of a very obsolete version (that
still had the 'Step' main menu). When I do "info ./xboard.info" I get to
see the freshly created info manual.

And, for something completely different: how about the future of 'help'?

People seem increasingly unwilling to consult manuals, and rather use
Google to find a post of someone who had the same problem (and often
solved it the wrong way...). Would it be a good idea to attach a
button3-click handler to all dialog controls, which would pop up a dialog
with the relevant paragraph of the man file?

This might not be as hard as it sounds, because all dialogs are created
through GenericPopup() from lists, and the name in the list is usually
exactly mentioned in an @item or @cindex line in the texi file. So XBoard
could run through the texi file until it encounters the @cindex line of
the clicked Option, and then dump all text until the next @item line to
the help dialog. It might require a bit of reorganization of the texi file
to make it work everywhere, but for a large part the current texi file
would already provide the info.

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