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Re: [XBoard-devel] save position dialog box

From: H.G. Muller
Subject: Re: [XBoard-devel] save position dialog box
Date: Wed, 28 Jan 2015 22:26:37 +0100
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Chris Bannister schreef op 1/28/2015 om 7:30 PM:

e.g. I start it in dir x/y/z, but when saving a position the dialog
seems to assume I'm in x/y and I keep having to choose z *each* time I
save a .fen file.
This is weird, as for me it definitely does NOT do that. That it does it each time is normal; the file selector is called in a mode that does not change XBoard's current directory. (If it did, this could have all kind of nasty effects on filenames that were given earlier through a relative path.) But is should have opened in x/y/z all the time, not in x/y.

Perhaps it is due to a difference in GTK library.

This is a second issue. Previously, I have been using a separate file
for each position I save e.g. 6w-Bg5.fen. I have just tried using the
supplied name and having the positions appended to it.
Well, if you would use separate files, you would have to type the name in any case.
so there doesn't seem any drawback in proposing a name. The proposed name
disappears as soon as you hit a key.
The save/open dialog box doesn't seem to think so. e.g even choosing to
open a .pgn I have to change into the child directory I started xboard
Did you use the version from http://hgm.nubati.net/cgi-bin/gitweb.cgi ? 4.8.0 does
does not have this.
Can this be put in the .xboardrc file? I'll try it out, could be a bit
cumbersome typing it on the command line each time I start xboard.
Well, it is a volatile option, not saved in the settings file. So to change its default value you would need some trickery. In particular you would have to rename ~/.xboardrc to something else (say ~/xboard.ini), and then create a new file ~/.xboardrc that contains

-settingsFile ~/.xboard.ini
-positionDir ~/whatever/i/like

This would redirect the reading and saving of settings to ~/.xboard.ini , so that ~/.xboardrc is never overwritten anymore, and the -positionDir specification stays in place. This is the general method to make values of volatile options stick, or turn persistent options into
volatile options with a configured default.

There is no similar option for pgn files, though. The only reason for creating this option was to make it possible to specify some directory in XBoard's installed data from a 'theme definition' settings file for configuring XBoard for Shogi: this directory would then contain all the commonly used handicap positions, so that Load Position could be used to immediately select a handicap from the file-browse dialog. Dedicated Shogi interfaces would have a special menu item for choosing the handicap, and this seemed a nice general way to provide the same functionality in a configurable way.

So it it could be with GTK, then.
This is what I suspect. But I don't know GTK that well. It could be that they changed the default behavior of the file selector, although the behavior you mention seems very strange to me. I cannot imagine who would ever want that. It cannot be that there is something in the name of the final directory in the path that is somehow
offensive to GTK, making it ignore it?

Can you see files in the file-selector window once you arrive in a directory where there are .fen files? If not, it is like XBoard has somehow launched a file selector for
folders rather than files.

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