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Re: [XBoard-devel] save position dialog box

From: H.G. Muller
Subject: Re: [XBoard-devel] save position dialog box
Date: Wed, 28 Jan 2015 17:14:50 +0100
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Chris Bannister schreef op 1/28/2015 om 6:41 AM:

I've just noticed an annoying behaviour with Xboard 4.8.0

When I choose save position from the file command, the dialog box that
pops up shows me a list of folders to choose instead of just showing the
list of filenames in the current working directory.

I don't know when this changed, but I'm finding it a damn nuisance that
it doesn't remember the last folder.

It even tries to second guess the fen name I want to save it as! Bloody
nuisance, as I have to alter that also.

I'm running Xboard on Debian Jessie installed via the package manager.
Is this the GTK build or the Xaw build? I cannot install that package because of an
'unsatisfiable dependency', so I have no idea what is in it.

If you are comparing the 4.8.0 GTK build with the Xaw build of previous versions, I am not surprised their could be differences. The GTK version uses the standard GTK file selector, while the for Xaw (which did not have such a thing) we wrote our own.

I must admit I don't understand exactly what the problem is. File browsers must show both folders and files, otherwise you could never save in other directories than the one you happen to start in. You might just happen to start in a directory where there
are many folders, and few or no .fen files.

From what I tried it seems the GTK file selector always starts in the directory that was current when you started up XBoard. But your complaint seems to be that it doesn't.

With 'second-guesss' you mean it proposes a file name based on the players?
Why would that be a nuisance? For me the proposed name starts selected,
so you can just start typing the name, and it will automatically replace the proposed one, like it had never been there. For saving you would usually have to provide a name of a not-yet-existing file, and typing is the only way to do that. And in the case you want to save on an existing file, you can just click it, and the proposed name will
be replaced by it. So I don't see the annoyance.

In the development version I recently applied a patch that would keep track of a 'virtual' current directory for every file type (e.g. *.pgn, *.fen, *.bin, *.png). This remembers in which directory you last saved a file of that type through the file browser, and then starts the latter in that directory next time you browse for that file type again. They still all start in the current directory XBoard had at start up, though. (Except that I provided a command-line option -positionDir that could
change this for .fen files.)

Is it an xboard problem, or something else.

I truly honestly prefer the older behaviour, where I didn't have to jump
through hoops because it used the same directory as last time.

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