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[Xbindkeys-devel] Re: [xbindkeys] Crash. Some questions and probably fix

From: Philippe Brochard
Subject: [Xbindkeys-devel] Re: [xbindkeys] Crash. Some questions and probably fix
Date: Sat, 27 Nov 2010 22:24:12 +0100
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Anatoly Bashmakov writes:

> Hello.

> If you don't maintain xbindkeys code please reply me and skip rest.
> And sorry for direct mail, I don't see much activity on mailing list.
Yes, I maintain xbindkeys code and follow the mailing list.

> I found that xbindkeys crashes when run with libX11- (1.4.0
> RC3). Log attached.
Ok, thanks a lot for the report.

> I'm not x11 expert, but after little investigation seems like following
> line in xbindkeys.c causes crash
> size_t envstr_size = strlen(DisplayString(xany->display)) + 8 + 1;
> in function adjust_display.
> I think so, because after modifying it like this
> size_t envstr_size = strlen(DisplayString(xany->display)) + 2 + 8 + 1;
> no more crashes (I just added size for ":0" in "DISPLAY=:0").
Well, following the manual page for DisplayString, this function returns
what is passed to the Xopendisplay function.
On my box, with libx11-1.3.5, it's ':0.0'.

Normaly, there is no need for the +2 chars (must be +4 on my box and at
least +5 on a remote display ':10.0').

Please can you tell me what is the value of your $DISPLAY variable and
the value returned by DisplayString with the little patch above?

Can you also make a test by fixing explicitly the DISPLAY variable:

$ DISPLAY=:0 xbindkeys -n -v

> If there is better solution, I'll be glad to know.
We'll see after the little test above.


> P.S. Sorry for poor English.
No problems, mine is not really better :)

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