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[Xbindkeys-devel] Re: Question about xbindkeys and keyboard press & rele

From: Philippe Brochard
Subject: [Xbindkeys-devel] Re: Question about xbindkeys and keyboard press & release
Date: Sat, 27 Nov 2010 21:12:57 +0100
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Santiago Romero writes:

>  Hi.

>  I'm Santiago Romero, from Spain. I apologyze for my poor english...
No problems, I think I've understand your email. And my english is not
very better :)

>  Sorry for contacting you directly, but I didn't want to make my question
> as a "comment" in freshmeat page ...
>  I have an HP lapton where the left trackpad mouse is almost broken, and
> I'm trying to simulate the left mouse button by using the "Windows key".
>  I tried first with the following .xbindkeysrc configuration:
> "xdotool click 1"
>  m:0x00 + c:133
>  Super_L 
>  It works but it only allows me to do the "click" itself. I can't press
> the key and maintain it to drag&drop an item or move a window, as an
> example.
>  I found the following xdotool commands:
> "xdotool mouseup 1"
> "xdotool mousedown 1"
>  But I don't know how to reference in .xbindkeysrc the PRESS and RELEASE
> of my windows key to assign those actions. I tryied this:
> "xdotool mousedown 1"
>  m:0x00 + c:133
>  Super_L 
> "xdotool mouseup 1"
>  Release + m:0x00 + c:133
>  Super_L
>  But it does not work (the mouse stops working correctly).
>  I don't know if I'm being affected by keyboard repetition and if keyboard
> does not allow PRESS and RELEASE status because a keyboard press is
> considered as multiple keyboard press+release events...
>  Could you help me to write the right .xbindkeysrc file to achieve
>  this?
Before using xbindkeys, can't you have something working with xmodmap.
In particular, to simulate the first mouse button, you can use something
like this:

$ xmodmap -e "keycode 133 =  Pointer_Button1"

And if this is working, you can put the part after the -e option in your

Please, tell me if this works for you. If not, we can have a look at


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