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Re: [ww-tedit-dev] Breaking the SCons files into multiple ones

From: petar marinov
Subject: Re: [ww-tedit-dev] Breaking the SCons files into multiple ones
Date: Mon, 16 Jul 2007 21:46:49 -0700

I wondered if it makes sense to use _bison_ and _flex_ in the build.
It think it was quite convenient that until now we kept their output
under source control as part of the project.

But I guess nowadays _flex_ should be readily available on any machine.

Why do we have to detect bison & flex, just to make sure versions
match or for something else?

What if more than one module needs flex, for example, syntax
highlighting for C also uses Flex, will this module incorporate
detection function separately or those will be done at one single
place in the build?

Otherwise, I think your experiments are useful. Once I'm done with the
_disp_ module for ncurses we can switch to _scons_ for the main

I can imagine that those _bison_ and _flex_ elements of the build
wouldn't be very convenient to incorporate if we were to continue
using _cmake_.

It is good to know that build of the individual modules will be non-recursive!


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