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[ww-tedit-dev] Breaking the SCons files into multiple ones

From: Tzvetan Mikov
Subject: [ww-tedit-dev] Breaking the SCons files into multiple ones
Date: Mon, 16 Jul 2007 21:31:08 -0700

Even with SCons, the project file has grown quite big. I am
experimenting with separating into into several files into every
subdirectory. This makes a lot of sense for parts of the code which
are independent - the calculator, the documentation, etc. For example
there is some amount of code for detecting Bison/Flex etc, which
simply seems out of place in the main build file.

It also makes every SCons file on its own easier to read.

Note that in SCons these files are treated as include-s, so it isn't a
recursive make. All dependencies continue to work, etc.

What is your opinion on this ?


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