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Re: [ww-tedit-dev] Breaking the SCons files into multiple ones

From: Tzvetan Mikov
Subject: Re: [ww-tedit-dev] Breaking the SCons files into multiple ones
Date: Tue, 17 Jul 2007 13:08:20 -0700

You said nothing about splitting the build file into multiple ones.
What do you think about that ? I haven't pushed it into the old-disp
branch, because I wasn't certain on your position (and I am still not
:-) and actually I am not completely sure about it myself. I can push
it into an experimental branch.

About Bison and Flex. The detection works as follows: if they are
available they are used - this is the correct and preferred way of
doing the build. If they are not available, we use pre-generated
files, which are also part of the project.

Here is the relevant passage from the build file for bison:

if ("yacc" in env['TOOLS']) and (env['YACC'] == 'bison'):
 calc_tab = env.CFile( 'calc_tab.c', 'calc.y',
YACCFLAGS='--name-prefix=fcalc_ -d')
 print "Bison not detected. Using pregenerated file"
 calc_tab = [
   env.Command( 'calc_tab.c', 'calc_tab.c.gen', Copy('$TARGET','$SOURCE')),
   env.Command( 'calc_tab.h', 'calc_tab.h.gen', Copy('$TARGET','$SOURCE')),


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