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[Vrs-development] VRS and SEE/DEE goals

From: Tim Terlegård
Subject: [Vrs-development] VRS and SEE/DEE goals
Date: Sat, 23 Mar 2002 15:43:36 +0100


I'm still fumbling a bit. The goals of the SEE/DEE and VRS are not that 
well explained, IMHO. It's hard to tell whether they should be the same 
project or in what way they overlap.

A suggestion for the VRS website is to state the goals on its own page and 
link to that page on the top. Now it's at the bottom of the introduction page 
and if one wants to have a quick view of the VRS' goals, one might not find 
it. I like that the goals are stated by a few points. That way one gets a 
feeling of what the project is about without reading lots of docs. 
Personally, though, the goals aren't that well stated. Maybe it's because I'm 
no english expert or something else, but that's my opinion anyway. I find 
that clearly stated goals quite important.

When VRS and SEE/DEE goals are well stated, then I know where to begin  :-)

(I think I'm like Gopal a bit. I might seem like a person that just 
complains, but I'm just stating my humble opinions. I'm a very nice person  

-- Tim

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