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Re: [vile] Colour problem with vile on upgrade from Xubuntu 13.10 to Xub

From: Thomas Dickey
Subject: Re: [vile] Colour problem with vile on upgrade from Xubuntu 13.10 to Xubuntu 14.04
Date: Sun, 27 Apr 2014 13:42:57 -0400
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On Sun, Apr 27, 2014 at 05:36:20PM +0100, Chris Green wrote:
> On Sun, Apr 27, 2014 at 10:51:29AM -0400, Thomas Dickey wrote:
> > On Sun, Apr 27, 2014 at 01:51:27PM +0100, Chris Green wrote:
> > > I have just upgraded my system from Xubuntu 13.10 to Xubuntu 14.04, I
> > > had to recompile vile (and xvile) because some of the libraries had
> > > changed.
> > 
> > hmm (I only recall perl as being a problem).  I've started setting up a 
> > 14.04
> > VM, to see what I can reproduce.
> > 
> Yes, I think it was perl that it complained about.
> > That will be problematic, since Ubuntu lags a year or so behind getting on
> > board with VMware Tools (the easiest way of fixing its display resolution).
> > The system settings displays are cleverly designed to shove the active 
> > controls
> > out of reach on an 800x600 display.
> > 
> I'm beginning to find my Acer netbook a problem from that sort of
> point of view, there are lots of web pages that have menus and such
> that simply don't fit on a 1366x768 display.

I've noticed.  But the dialog for setting the display resolution comes with 
expectations.  I was able to work around this one using tab traversal, which I
doubt the developer was aware of for two reasons:

        a) the boxes aren't in the "natural" left/right/top/bottom order.
           Not at all.
        b) there was no visible indication of focus (well, perhaps the developer
           thought it was distracting).

fwiw, the "Accept" was the 8th box :-)
> [X]ubuntu is similarly slow with VirtualBox updates (which is what I
> use) but I've added the Oracle Virtualbox repository to my software
> manager and the latest 64-bit VirtualBox is always there.
> With 'set fcolor=black' added to my .vilerc it's not a big problem but
> there's definitely something wrong.  I've not yet built xvile for the
> new system, if anything useful/odd appears then I'll report it.

oh - I had thought you were talking about xvile (since that seems to be where 
you discuss
problems most).  For either, a problem on the first line _could_ be from having 
built with
external filters (that's the default because flex's behavior is an extension).

Offhand, the last change I made in vile related to color was this (from 9.8l):

        + minor fix to tcap.c to restore colors after completing a loop which
          turns off attributes.  The script caused the driver to
          reset reverse-video and bold, but the driver was restoring colors
          only after the first reset.

Outside vile: each new version of vte (gnome-terminal - which I recall that you 
provides a new set of bugs.  If that's the cause, I may find a workaround for 
You can quickly check that with xterm, of course (they have #297 which hasn't 
color-related issues reported against it).

In either case, I'll work through the setup, so that I can build the harder 
(xterm, vile, lynx, ncurses), which will give me packages for vile which you 
might use
for comparison.

Thomas E. Dickey <address@hidden>

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