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Re: [vile] Columns and linewrap

From: Chris G
Subject: Re: [vile] Columns and linewrap
Date: Wed, 9 Apr 2008 13:28:00 +0100
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On Wed, Apr 09, 2008 at 01:38:59PM +0200, Paul van Tilburg wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> I use vile in a terminal that is 90 chars wide.  However, I always
> insert/edit with wrapwords on so my lines are never wider than
> 80 chars.
> However, sometimes I co-author documents with others that use
> the paradigm where a newline is a new paragraph, not a new line.
> For me, by default, these lines look enormously long, so I
> turn linewrap on for these documents.  Two questions remain:
>  * Can I make linewrap also respect the 80 char boundary so that
>    lines by others look like my lines.
>  * Can I make linewrap do wordwrapping.. that is not cut a word
>    in two if the 90 (or preferebly 80) char boundary is reached?
I would quite like a solution to this too, currently I don't *think*
there is a solution.

There seem to be two ways of telling vile where to end lines:-

    wrapmargin - sets the size of the gap at the right hand side, if
    you want 72 column text when typing in an 80 column window you set
    wrapmargin=8.  As you type text is wrapped by inserting real
    newline characters when the limit is reached.
    The *big* disadvantage of wrapmargin is that you can't set it so
    you get a fixed text width in varying window sizes.

    fillcol/wrapwords - (wrapwords is deprecated) Otherwise this would
    appear to do what one wants in variable sized windows.  I.e. I
    could set fillcol to 72 and set wrapwords and all text would wrap
    at 72 columns even when I'm using wider windows.

Why is fillcol deprecated?  Is it likely to disappear?

Chris Green

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