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[vile] Columns and linewrap

From: Paul van Tilburg
Subject: [vile] Columns and linewrap
Date: Wed, 9 Apr 2008 13:38:59 +0200
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Hello everyone,

I use vile in a terminal that is 90 chars wide.  However, I always
insert/edit with wrapwords on so my lines are never wider than
80 chars.
However, sometimes I co-author documents with others that use
the paradigm where a newline is a new paragraph, not a new line.
For me, by default, these lines look enormously long, so I
turn linewrap on for these documents.  Two questions remain:

 * Can I make linewrap also respect the 80 char boundary so that
   lines by others look like my lines.
 * Can I make linewrap do wordwrapping.. that is not cut a word
   in two if the 90 (or preferebly 80) char boundary is reached?

Kind regards,

PhD Student @ Eindhoven                     | email: address@hidden
University of Technology, The Netherlands   | JID: address@hidden
>>> Using the Power of Debian GNU/Linux <<< | GnuPG key ID: 0x50064181

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