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RE: [Tsp-devel] Blackboard problem !

From: ZXPLECOFR004, Ext
Subject: RE: [Tsp-devel] Blackboard problem !
Date: Fri, 17 Apr 2009 14:21:03 +0200

Hi all,

OK, I will report the bug in the tracker. Thanks for the archive. After a rapid 
test it shows that:
        - the same bug has not been reproduced
        - another bug has appeared (a freeze of bb_simu linked with the run of 
tsp_stdout_client (in 32 or 64bits))

 After rebooting the platform (due to unremovable shared memory), I have done 
the test again with 0.8.3 and it appeared that:
        - I didn't reproduced this bug with these softs (bb_simu, 
tsp_bb_provider, tsp_stdout_client)
        - The behiavour is quite strange but is different than the 0.8.4cvs 
one: It seems to do nothing

From now, Frederic will investigate on these problems. 

Any idea is welcomed !!


-----Original Message-----
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Sent: Wednesday, April 15, 2009 2:53 PM
To: Transport Sample Protocol development list
Subject: Re: [Tsp-devel] Blackboard problem !

2009/4/14 ZXPLECOFR004, Ext <address@hidden>:
> Hi all,
> For my project, I need to use TSP with a blackboard. After a try it failed,
> here is what I have done (on the same platform) :
>  xterm 1 :   $bb_simu
>     -> it display the variables
>  xterm 2 :   $tsp_bb_provider bb_simu 1
>     ->   TSP Provider on PID 13626 - URL #0 :
> <rpc://vpu-scoe1.tls.fr.astrium.corp/bb_simu:0>
>  xterm 3 :   $tsp_stdout_client
> The 'tsp_stdout_client' request some data to the provider which display the
> following line:
> ERROR||/home/gaia/dev/tsp-0.8.3-Source/src/core/ctrl/tsp_data_sender.c##TSP_data_sender_send##335:
> data_encoder failed
> Any idea ?

Yes there may be alignment issues on using 32bits version on a 64bits hosts
however I do not expect this kind of error in this case.
In fact I think we did not try this combination, by the way how did you compile
the 32bits version? On another host? Cross-compiling 32bits on 64bits host?

> The PC runs on Linux 64 bits. TSP is compiled in 32 bits (this is
> mandatory).
> The TSP version is 0.8.3.

0.8.3 is becoming very old, we really need to find time to release 0.8.4,
would you be able to try the CVS version? I may build you a tarball if
have no anonymous CVS access.

In any case you should open a Savannah account and report the bug in
the tracker:

> Olivier Garbil
> PS: I have try a 64 bits compiled version and the result is identical.

I'll try that too in a day or two.


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