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Re: [Tsp-devel] Blackboard problem !

From: Frédéric Martinsons
Subject: Re: [Tsp-devel] Blackboard problem !
Date: Mon, 20 Apr 2009 11:57:50 +0200

Hi all, as Olivier told you, I come back to the TSP world.

So the "freezing" problem with bb_simu+tsp_bb_provider+tsp_stdout_client is a deadlock in BB.I had the same problem when I tried to make TSP works with vxworks.It appears,when the BB is shadowed, that we don't release the  semaphore,so I add the same with the lock operation (don't take semapahore for a shadowed BB).

As fred said, it's weird noobody notice that before, I don't see why.

I post a bug in the tracker : #26250.


2009/4/18 Eric Noulard <address@hidden>
2009/4/17 ZXPLECOFR004, Ext <address@hidden>:
> Hi all,
> OK, I will report the bug in the tracker. Thanks for the archive. After a rapid test it shows that:
>        - the same bug has not been reproduced
>        - another bug has appeared (a freeze of bb_simu linked with the run of tsp_stdout_client (in 32 or 64bits))
>  After rebooting the platform (due to unremovable shared memory),

> I have done the test again with 0.8.3 and it appeared that:
>        - I didn't reproduced this bug with these softs (bb_simu, tsp_bb_provider, tsp_stdout_client)

What do you mean "didn't reproduced"?

Is it with  the same unpatched tsp-0.8.3 or with the patched version
provided by Fred?

As a complementary question
do you run several blackboard and/or TSP provider on the same host?
If yes are they run by the same user and/or not?

>        - The behiavour is quite strange but is different than the 0.8.4cvs one: It seems to do nothing
> From now, Frederic will investigate on these problems.

Fred do you have time to investigate that?

> Any idea is welcomed !!

Yes you should debug this either using STRACE_DEBUG env var and/or a debugger.

if you set

export STRACE_DEBUG=3 in the terminal where you launch
tsp_bb_provider and/or tsp_stdout_client
you'll get trace of tsp library actions which may give us (or you)
more informations.

*BEFORE* launching tsp_stdout_client could you play around with

tsp_request_generic client.

tsp_request_generic --help for mmore information or see
(§ 11.2.1)

Does the lockup occurs with other client (i.e. targa)


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