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Re: Length of lines in GNUN

From: Ineiev
Subject: Re: Length of lines in GNUN
Date: Thu, 16 Jun 2022 19:19:28 +0000
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On Mon, Jun 13, 2022 at 05:51:35PM +0200, Thérèse Godefroy wrote:
> Le 13/06/2022 à 14:37, Dora Scilipoti a écrit :
> > Both of us use Poedit to edit our POs; we have tried setting the
> > wrapping of lines in Poedit to 79, then  75, but the problem persists.
> > I'm thinking that if we set the same value that GNUN uses, we may solve
> > the issue.  What's the value set in GNUN?
> >
> > However, there are also other cases where this occurs which seem to have
> > nothing to do with the length of the lines but, rather, with spaces;
> > namely, commented lines such as:
> >
> > #.  TRANSLATORS: stale
> > #. TRANSLATORS: stale
> >
> > #.  TRANSLATORS: Ignore the original text in this paragraph,
> > #. TRANSLATORS: Ignore the original text in this paragraph,
> There are 2 versions of gettext on fencepost:

It's correct that different gettext versions may wrap lines
differently, however, I believe Poedit formats the files itself.

In particular, the spaces in the comments are produced by po4a when
extracting strings from the English HTML files, and it Poedit seems
to reduce them (unlike gettext).

> If you wanted to avoid reformatting on the server, you'd need to use the
> same gettext version, for example by installing it in /usr/local/. But
> maybe that's not worth the trouble.

Basically, I second. probably one could write a script that would
feed the file saved with Poedit with the POT to the right version
of gettext and get a file that wouldn't be rewrapped, but that
would be too complicated for you.

These instabilities in line wrapping were the main reason why GNUN
developed a tool making a highlighted difference of two PO files
in the HTML format,

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