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Re: building vanilla

From: Kaloian Doganov
Subject: Re: building vanilla
Date: Mon, 10 Dec 2007 14:33:48 +0200
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Yavor Doganov wrote:

    I dropped the idea of adding directories automatically -- this will
    be detrimental to the repository even due to a trivial bug.  The /po
    subdirs are not so many, so I'll add them manually when the time

Good, then we should reflect that descision in the TODO file.

    More specifically, the system should cvs add these files if they are
    created by the make process:

    /prep/i18n/generic.xx.html (empty file)
    /path/article.pot (when web-translators managers add a new article)
    /path/article.xx.html (when a translator commits article.xx.po).

Maybe this should be done by the so called "cronjob" script.  This
script will be part of the GNUnited Nations, of course, but it is a good
idea to keep the basic page regeneration process agnostic from the SCM
system.  One should be able to regenerate translated pages using a
tarball of www, without depending on any SCM.

    I was thinking about this: When a file is modified, an extra command
    will append the cvs log message from the original file.  Upon
    successful make && commit, this log file will be deleted.  In case
    of failure, it will not be deleted so that the accumulated messages
    will be used in the next run.

This looks tricky and the gain is not so obvious.  I'll suggest to add
this idea to the TODO file in order not to forget it, and then
concentrate on more important issues.

    For language teams, a `msgfmt --statistics'-similar output would be
    sufficient, as a start (probably omiting files that are 100%
    complete).  We'll see, it's a bit early to think about this.

Yes, it's early to think about this, but we must not forget it too.
I'll add it to the TODO file.  Please check whether it ovelaps with the
earlier entry "Write a script to check the completeness of the
translations per language, so that a team leader can do", and merge them
if apropriate.

    Autoconf or DejaGNU.

I don't know neither Autoconf nor DejaGNU. :-/ But if someone didn't
step in, I'll try to learn what's needed to implement this feature.

My point is this - let's first observe and catalogue all things that
must be done.  Then, using the resulted list of issues, we can make
rational descisions about on what to concentrate our efforts.

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