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[] r307 -

From: Corellia
Subject: [] r307 -
Date: Mon, 10 Dec 2007 14:52:38 +0200

Author: kaloian
Date: Mon Dec 10 14:52:36 2007
New Revision: 307

* TODO (General): Don't describe that /po subdirs should be
automatically cvs added; add more specific definition of what
files should be cvs added.  Add an entry for a future `check'
(Non-Essential): Add an entry for a future `report' and
`full-report' targets.  Add an entry for possible automatic
generation of meaningful CVS log entries.


---   (original)
+++   Mon Dec 10 14:52:36 2007
@@ -21,9 +21,15 @@
 * Experiment with msgmerge's `--previous' option and make it the
   default, if feasible.  Requires gettext >= 0.16.
-* Add commands to the necessary targets that will mkdir missing /po
-  subdirs and cvs add them.  Do the same for the generated POT and the
-  translated HTML, where appropriate.
+* Add commands to the necessary targets that will cvs add the
+  generated POT and the translated HTML, where appropriate.
+  More specifically, the system should cvs add these files if they are
+  created by the make process:
+    /prep/i18n/generic.xx.html (empty file)
+    /foo/article.pot (when web-translators managers add a new article)
+    /foo/article.xx.html (when a translator commits article.xx.po).
 * Write a script that will itself invoke $(MAKE), log all output in a
   file and cvs commit everything ought to be committed.  Deal with SSH
@@ -31,6 +37,9 @@
 * Standardize all variables'/rules' names to match GCS.
+* Add a `check' target (probably using Autoconf or DejaGNU) that would
+  test the environment and all the tools we use.
 Expected problems
@@ -56,6 +65,13 @@
   to get the status.
+* Implement a `report' target that would be language specific and will
+  output the state of all files for a language team, and extended
+  `full-report' that will check the activity of all teams for a
+  certain period.  For language teams, a `msgfmt --statistics'-similar
+  output would be sufficient, as a start (probably omiting files that
+  are 100% complete).
 * It would be nice to add some preprocessing logic to include specific
   HTML comments into the POT, like:
@@ -64,3 +80,24 @@
   This could be useful for some articles under /licenses and for
   several other occasions.
+* When commiting automated changes, find a way to generate meaningful
+  CVS log entries, describing the changes.  Something like:
+  ,----
+  | Atomatically generated commit message by GNUnited Nations.
+  | 
+  | * po/home.pot: $(actual log entry of home.shtml used by the $webmaster).
+  | * philosophy/bdk.fa.html: Adding Farsi translation # or whatever the
+  |                                                           # Persian leader
+  |                                                   # wrote while
+  |                                                   # commiting the
+  |                                                   # PO file
+  | * gnu/ Impoved foo (Closes: bug #1234).
+  `----
+  Possible implementation is this: When a file is modified, an extra
+  command will append the cvs log message from the original file.
+  Upon successful make && commit, this log file will be deleted.  In
+  case of failure, it will not be deleted so that the accumulated
+  messages will be used in the next run.

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