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Re: Tramp Debugging and Network Performance

From: suarezmiguelc
Subject: Re: Tramp Debugging and Network Performance
Date: Sun, 12 Mar 2023 22:54:56 +0100

Copying works normally, performance is alright as I’m copying through a lot of servers and all, the problem is executing commands with eshell or shell, or find-file, saving a file is mostly 7 seconds or mode.

Right now I’m connecting through a shell and using the ssh command, even through all the multihops works fast

12/3/23 22:52、Neal Becker <>のメール:

I find that using dired-rsync over tramp is a lot faster than dired copy, although this is just my impression.  I usually use scp:// with 1 hop on an otherwise pretty fast connection.

On Sun, Mar 12, 2023 at 5:37 PM Miguel Suarez <> wrote:
I use multihops, but the performance isn’t great even with one simple connection without it.

In my config, I have:
Host *
  ControlMaster  auto
  ControlPath  /tmp/ssh-%r@%h:%p
  ControlPersist  yes
  Compression  yes

> 12/3/23 18:21、Michael Albinus <>のメール:
> writes:
>> Hello Tramp Community,
> Hi,
>> I tend to connect to several servers through a middleware one, problem
>> being that the performance of tramp over implementations like eshell,
>> dired and even find-file is slow, even though the connection is pretty
>> fast via shell’s SSH, even through the middleware.
>> I’m using Emacs 28.2 with the Doom framework,
> Could you pls give some more details? Do you use multi-hops? Do you have
> some special configuration in your ~/.ssh/config?
>> Thank you for your advice into this topic!.
> Best regards, Michael.

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