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Re: @errmessage

From: Karl Berry
Subject: Re: @errmessage
Date: Sun, 18 Dec 2011 15:19:09 -0800

    In this particular case I need it to trap things that should not appear
    in the final version of the document, 

Ok, I see the logic.  So if you want @errmessage for that, do you have
another use in mind for @warning?  If not, perhaps we should wait to add
that until it's needed.

BTW, I'm thinking @errormsg (@warningmsg) for the name.


Very interesting.  Seems like it should be a GNU package :).
(By the way, in English it's spelled imprimateur.  Wouldn't surprise me
if some languages leave out the e, though.)

    I don't know, perhaps that's because nobody has tried to automate
    document consistency checking...

Typically people don't have draft vs. final versions.  They just have
"the document".  Precisely to avoid such inconsistencies.  Or, Texinfo
conditionals would reliably suffice in many cases where such is used.
Your imprimatur is going far beyond that ...


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