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Re: @errmessage

From: Karl Berry
Subject: Re: @errmessage
Date: Sun, 18 Dec 2011 14:34:09 -0800

Sergey, why do you want @errmessage{}?  What actual error message do you
want to give?

    > Don't you think that this would be better to have @-commands expanded (as 
    > raw text)?  Would that be feasible to implement in TeX?
    Good point.  Actually TeX seems to expand commands within \errmessage,

Yes, TeX fully expands the arguments to \errmessage and \message.

In texinfo.tex, it's easy enough to convert the commands to their
"ASCII" equivalents (like is done for the index sort string), or leave
them unexpanded, since we already have those routines.  (They redefine
every relevant Texinfo command.)

    > Also should there be a second command which translates to a warning and 
    > an error?
    Yes, I believe it is a good idea.

Why?  How many new commands do we really need here?  I mean, there is
also non-diagnostic messages (\message in TeX), and then one can imagine
debugging messages, etc., etc., etc.

Texinfo has been around a long time and no one has ever needed these
things enough to ask for them before ...


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