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Re: [Taler] Exchange Terms of Service

From: marc
Subject: Re: [Taler] Exchange Terms of Service
Date: Sun, 8 Jan 2023 12:13:52 +0100

> On 08.01.2023, at 10:07, Christian Grothoff <grothoff@gnunet.org> wrote:
> On 1/7/23 20:17, Florian Jung via Taler wrote:
>> On my Android, an almost pristine wallet with no coins but that has seen an 
>> exchange takes 200kb of data, while a wallet that was in use for four days 
>> takes 650kB.
> Ok, that seems way more reasonable, of course depending on the 'use'.
>> I really don't think that storing some 100kB of ToS does any bad here.
> For how long? For how many exchanges? In which languages? In which file 
> formats? And ultimately: why? I'm not sure "because I want to study ToS while 
> offline" is truly a plausible thing. Especially since of course the wallet 
> can choose to _cache_ this information.

Have a “Share” button where users can export the ToS to wherever they like. 
Then users who want to keep the ToS can do so.

> But I'd not require it to _store_ it (in the sense of guaranteed persistence 
> and inclusion in backups).

ACK. Even though in iOS that is quite easy - 3 lines of code safes the file in 
app-data where Apple’s backup routines take care of all. No need for us to 
re-write that code, it already “just works”...

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