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Re: [Taler] Exchange Terms of Service

From: Florian Jung
Subject: Re: [Taler] Exchange Terms of Service
Date: Fri, 6 Jan 2023 17:56:17 +0100
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Addition below

On 1/6/23 17:50, Florian Jung via Taler wrote:


When configuring my exchange, I found that the Android Wallet app has certain requirements regarding the terms of service that I have not found in the documentation:

  1. It requests the .txt file (which has text/plain MIME type, not text/markdown), even though it expects it to be formatted as valid markdown. If a .md file exists in the TERMS_DIR, it is ignored.
  2. Not only needs the file be formatted as valid markdown: It also must have at least one top-level-heading. Otherwise, an unhelpful error message is thrown: "ToS does not follow the correct format".

Is there a specific rationale why it requests the wrong MIME type, when RFC7763 exists?

Also, collapsing the headings makes the ToS harder to read in cases where the exchange operator actually tries to keep them short. Maybe a better collapsing heuristic could help here, such as:

Additionally, I would like to discuss how to deal with section-less documents:

My preferred solution would probably be a hybrid of "never collapse the first section" and "don't collapse anything if the document is only 3-4 screenful", plus clearly stating in documentation that ToS needs sections, failing the exchange startup if violated.

What do you think?



Ah, seems like there's a design document[2] actually stating the ToS requirements. This info lacks visibility and should be part of the exchange operator manual [1].

[1] https://docs.taler.net/taler-exchange-manual.html#terms-of-service

[2] https://docs.taler.net/design-documents/003-tos-rendering.html

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