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[IMPORTANT] Requesting essential and desired slots

From: Jose E. Marchesi
Subject: [IMPORTANT] Requesting essential and desired slots
Date: Fri, 10 Apr 2015 18:19:58 +0200
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REMINDER.   The deadline is tomorrow.

    Hi Hackers.
    The next organizational milestone is approaching: in a week we have to
    tell Google how many slots we want for this year.  As in previous years,
    we will follow the next strategy:
    Each project participating under the GNU umbreall shall send the
    following information to this mailing list, before Saturday 11 April
      Name: PROGRAM_NAME
      EssentialSlots: N
      DesiredSlots: M
    Where N and M are the number of slots required and desired.
    Roughly speaking, essential slots are for great projects you couldn't
    live without while desired slots are the number of slots you would like
    to have if Google had an infinite number of them.  For example, imagine
    that you received two proposals: one great and the other nah-nah.
    However, you still have a free mentor for the second proposal, so you
    would ask for:
      Name: PROGRAM_NAME
      EssentialSlots: 1
      DesiredSlots: 2
    An important note: as we did in the previous editions of GSoC, we will
    distribute the granted slots in the spirit of allowing every GNU program
    participating to actually mentor at least one proposal.  This means
    that, G being the number of granted slots:
    - If GNUDesiredSlots <= G everyone gets what they asked for.
    - If GNUEssentialSlots <= G < GNUDesiredSlots, everyone gets their
      essential slots, at least 1, but we would need to discuss and decide
      how to distribute the desired slots.
    - If 0 < G < GNUEssentialSlots, we will have to discuss and see which
      project gets the slots.  Note that this _never_ happened and I dont
      expect this year to be the first one.
    IMPORTANT: please respect the milestone!  If a participating GNU project
    fails to send the email before Saturday 11 April 12:00, we may request
    either Essential=1,Desired=1 or Essential=0,Desired=0 for that project,
    depending on the admins criteria.

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