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Re: [IMPORTANT] Requesting essential and desired slots

From: Jose E. Marchesi
Subject: Re: [IMPORTANT] Requesting essential and desired slots
Date: Fri, 10 Apr 2015 10:13:59 +0200
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Hi Jose :)
    On Tue 07 Apr 2015 15:05, address@hidden (Jose E. Marchesi) writes:
    > Each project participating under the GNU umbreall shall send the
    > following information to this mailing list, before Saturday 11 April
    > 12:00:
    >   Name: PROGRAM_NAME
    >   EssentialSlots: N
    >   DesiredSlots: M
    I would like to mentor this year for Guile.  Ludovic tells me there's a
    good project in the database, so for Guile I think the details are:
    Name: Guile
    EssentialSlots: 1
    DesiredSlots: 1
    I have requested membership in the GNU mentoring organization on
    melange.  Would you mind adding me?  Thanks!

Before adding you in melange, please send me a private email (CCing
address@hidden) with the following information of you:

Name: Andy Wingo
Project: guile

Your AltEmail and Phone will be encrypted and not published in plain.

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