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Re: [Sks-devel] [openpgp-email] Keyservers and GDPR

From: Andrew Gallagher
Subject: Re: [Sks-devel] [openpgp-email] Keyservers and GDPR
Date: Tue, 6 Nov 2018 23:14:45 +0000

> On 6 Nov 2018, at 20:09, Mike <address@hidden> wrote:
> I don't think "resilient" can be used any more in relation to sks-keyservers 
> as they drop offline on and off and even one malicious individual could take 
> the whole network down if motivated enough.

Individual servers drop on and offline but the network as a whole is more 
robust. It is easy to take down the entire network of course, but this is very 
noisy. It is very hard to selectively prevent only a particular revocation from 
being served by the keyservers. Most other methods of distributing keys allow 
for selective blocking of one domain or even one address. 


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