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Skencil for Windows packaged

From: Joonas Paalasmaa
Subject: Skencil for Windows packaged
Date: Fri, 14 Nov 2003 20:55:05 +0200 (EET)


I compiled Skencil's CVS version on windows and packaged it
using Python's distutils. Libart caused some problems so
I conpiled without it. The application works quite well.
I havent used the CVS version of Skencil on Linux so I don't
know if it works better on Linux. Since both MSVC and MinGW lack it I had
to define the rint function in a new header file that was included to all
relevant source files.

The rint define:
  #if ( __WIN32__ || _WIN32 )
  #define rint(i) ( (i-floor(i)<0.5) ? floor(i) : ceil(i) )

Now that we have a development version working on Windows, shouldn't we
somehow advertise it on Skencil's web site? Skencil might attract a lot of
open source developers and even more new users because it works on the
almighty Windows.

Windows installer supporting Start Menu shortcuts and uninstallation can
be found at

- Joonas

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