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Re: Repost: GTK+2, plugins and multi-page documents

From: Bernhard Herzog
Subject: Re: Repost: GTK+2, plugins and multi-page documents
Date: 19 Jul 2003 21:36:26 +0200
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David Boddie <address@hidden> writes:

[in private mail which I think should have gone to the list, so I hope
it's OK to reply to the list]

> > A way for the user to enter parameters for the filters would indeed be
> > nice to have.
> It's difficult to see how it can be general enough for all plugins. Perhaps
> plugins which need further parameters should construct their own GUIs.

That's probably unavoidable for more complex needs and if e.g. the
plugin wants to look at the file before opening the dialog. After all if
you want to give the user the option to select which page to load the
dialog should show the number of the pages in the document.

The plugin should still be usable without a GUI so that command line
tools can use it too and to make automatic testing easier.

> > What native canvas? AFAIK, Gnome has a canvas, but not GTK.
> Whatever Sketch 0.7 uses when it doesn't use libart.

That's GDK which on X is really just a relatively thin wrapper around

> > Patches.
> I'll look at your last recommendation about patches to determine what type
> you would like. I seem to remember something about "diff -u3" so I'll aim
> to get them in the correct format.

Either context diffs (-c) or unified diffs (-u) are OK, although I've
come to prefer context diffs because I find them easier to read.


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