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Re: Repost: GTK+2, plugins and multi-page documents

From: Bernhard Herzog
Subject: Re: Repost: GTK+2, plugins and multi-page documents
Date: 19 Jul 2003 21:11:06 +0200
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David Boddie <address@hidden> writes:

>  One of my more experimental filters subclasses another filter. To achieve
>  this, I've executed the source of the required filter within the scope of
>  the dependent one.

I should have mentioned this the last time this came up: It is possible
to get a real python module for an import filter:

in 0.6, if you know the name of the fileformat as used by the filter:

from Sketch import plugins

module = plugins.find_export_plugin(name).load_module()

In 0.7 only the import changes:

import Sketch.Plugin.plugins

There doesn't seem to be a similar function for import filters, so you'd
have to search through the list plugins.import_plugins to find it. A
patch that an import filter equivalent for find_export_plugin would be
welcome, though.

>  The filter is for a proprietary multi-page document format so it needs
>  some sort of intervention to produce Sketch files for all the pages.
>  I've used a command line tool for this but I think that the plugin
>  interface could be extended to allow the user to select a page from a
>  document, for example.

A way for the user to enter parameters for the filters would indeed be
nice to have.

>  The libart canvas peculiarities still persist. I haven't looked at
>  GTK+2's native canvas rendering yet.

What native canvas? AFAIK, Gnome has a canvas, but not GTK.
> The plugins are available via my plugins page:
> Bernhard: Would you like patches for the plugins or is it just easier for
> you to copy the new ones over the old ones and commit into CVS?



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