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RE: [RP] neat trick

From: Casey Allen Shobe
Subject: RE: [RP] neat trick
Date: Fri Apr 25 15:36:05 2003

> While I'm posting, I'd like to throw in a feature request, 
> and it SHOULD
> be a really easy one to implement.  I want a "sleep N" command which
> just keeps ratpoison from executing any commands for N seconds.  Why? 
> Because, as you can see, I use a fairly complex frame layout 
> with a few
> programs that are slow to launch, if I just put the various exec
> commands + splits + vsplits into my .ratpoisonrc, my 
> applications end up
> in a different frame every time I start since depending on how long it
> takes the window to map, a different frame may have focus.

Yes please!  I wished for this when I was trying to get a ratpoisonrc file
to start multiple apps etc....

- Casey

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