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RE: [RP] Pretty fonts

From: Casey Allen Shobe
Subject: RE: [RP] Pretty fonts
Date: Fri Apr 25 15:48:04 2003

> OK, so now on my 17" 2048x<something> CRT it's not so bad, 
> but on my 800x6
> laptops getting small fonts is really hard without bitmap fonts.  Have
> you tried to get something with more font than hint at pt6 in TT?
> (This is why I avoid GTK2 like the plague.)

I'm not quite sure what you're saying here - but with freetype 2, you can
specify NOT to antialias fonts below a certain pixel size (say, 10), which
will keep small fonts legible.  Why not add a --with-freetype2 option to the
configure script like everything else?  Oh, and just because you compile
with freetype support doesn't mean you actually have to use it.  On my
screen (21" 1280x1024), antialiasing really helps.  My monitor supports up
to 2048x1536, but I prefer to use a lower resolution so I don't strain my
eyes so much.  Using 2048x<something> on a 17" CRT is insane, but to each
his own.

- Casey

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