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Re: [RP] vertical window list

From: Jay Belanger
Subject: Re: [RP] vertical window list
Date: Thu Apr 24 11:31:10 2003
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Michael Scottaline <address@hidden> writes:
>>defwinliststyle column
>>in your .ratpoisonrc file.
> =========================================
> I wasn't the one who originally asked, but this did seem like a good idea.  I
> added "defwinliststyle column" (w/o quotes) to my .ratpoisonrc file, but it
> hasn't made a difference.
> Running 1.1.1

According to the changelog, the command was added April 5, 2003.  I
think that's after 1.1.1 came out.  So try upgrading to 1.2.0-beta4
(the latest release), which I've had no problems with.

The NEWS file, by the way, doesn't mention defwinliststyle, instead
it refers to defwrapwinlist.


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