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[RP] vertical window list

From: Michael
Subject: [RP] vertical window list
Date: Wed Apr 23 22:43:13 2003


is there a way to display C-t w (window list) along the y axis of the
screen?  that would enable more window list items to be displayed than
with the current method of just horizantally across the top.  if you
several windows with longish names then you can't get the whole list.

also, less of an issue but sometimes i need to use vmware and ratpoison
causes the screen to flicker back and forth except if i use vmware in
full screen mode.

otherwise i'm a long-time ion user and have recently switched to
ratpoison because of an app that i need to use at work which won't work
with ion (except with Xnest and even then still some issues for some
reason) -- and it works perfectly with ratpoison. ratpoison is even
better and i'm glad i needed to search for another light-weight window


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