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Re: [RP] vertical window list

From: Michael Scottaline
Subject: Re: [RP] vertical window list
Date: Thu Apr 24 11:15:02 2003

On Thu, 24 Apr 2003 07:55:19 -0500
Jay Belanger <address@hidden> insightfully noted:

>Michael <address@hidden> writes:
>> is there a way to display C-t w (window list) along the y axis of the
>> screen?  that would enable more window list items to be displayed than
>> with the current method of just horizantally across the top.  if you
>> several windows with longish names then you can't get the whole list.
>defwinliststyle column
>in your .ratpoisonrc file.
I wasn't the one who originally asked, but this did seem like a good idea.  I
added "defwinliststyle column" (w/o quotes) to my .ratpoisonrc file, but it
hasn't made a difference.
Running 1.1.1

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