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Re: HPPA support for IGNITE-UX install discs

From: Helge Deller
Subject: Re: HPPA support for IGNITE-UX install discs
Date: Wed, 28 Oct 2020 14:13:44 +0100
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On 10/28/20 1:29 PM, Keith Monahan wrote:
> On October 26, 2020 4:01:52 PM Helge Deller <deller@gmx.de> wrote:
>> On 9/22/20 2:28 AM, Keith Monahan wrote:
>>> Here's the ioscan from the actual hardware
>>> no_hostname:/> ioscan
>>> H/W Path    Class Description
>>> ===============================================
>>>             bc
>>> 8           bc                      Pseudo Bus Converter
>>> 8/0             ba                  PCI Bus Bridge
>>> 8/0/15.0              instrument PCI(103c1650)
>> That seems to be a specific HP PCI card.
>> Maybe it's possible to pass-through it at some point in an emulation ?
> Not super concerned with emulating that hw there. That card is used to 
> connect the PCI bus (in turn, connected to GSC via DINO) to the logic 
> analyzer backplane.
>>> 8/16            ba                  Core I/O Adapter
>>> 8/16/0             ext_bus          Built-in Parallel Interface
>>> 8/16/1             audio            Built-in Audio
>>> 8/16/4             tty              Built-in RS-232C
>>> 8/16/5             ext_bus          Built-in SCSI
>> ^ this one isn't implemented yet in qemu.
>> As I said in another mail, we currently emulate a PCI SCSI card instead.
>> Maybe emulating the original SCSI controller isn't hard, but I don't know
>> and I'm not a SCSI expert.
> The NCR 53C710 SCSI that's present inside LASI was pretty common. One
> of the uses includes the Commodore A4091, a SCSI controller sold for
> the Amiga 4000. The A4091 is emulated on WinUAE, which is open
> source. To make my story go full circle, looking at that source,
> located below, is based on QEMU source!!
> https://github.com/tonioni/WinUAE/blob/master/qemuvga/lsi53c710.cpp
> which is based on
> qemu/hw/scsi/lsi53c895a.c

Cool, so someone already modified the qemu lsi53c895a.c driver
to work as a 53C710 controller.
And it probably works, which is good.

> I don't know the significance/complexity of the difference between
> emulating a PCI card vs accessing things via LASI, which would sit on
> the GSC bus. Wishful thinking is that once we get there, that we've
> got existing (albeit different system emulation platform) working
> code that emulates those chip functions.

I think to get it glued up with the GSC bus isn't hard.
The LASI SCSI documentation is here:
page 8 of 114 (page 20 in pdf)
The SCSI controller ports are mapped at offset 0x100 of the SCSI
part of LASI.
So, if someone has enough time to add a NC53C710 code to qemu, it
should be possible.
I think I could do that, but as soon as something doesn't work
I'm not sure I would be able to debug it - I'm simply missing
the SCSI knowledge.


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