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Re: HPPA support for IGNITE-UX install discs

From: Helge Deller
Subject: Re: HPPA support for IGNITE-UX install discs
Date: Mon, 26 Oct 2020 20:41:19 +0100
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Somewhat late reply...

On 9/22/20 2:28 AM, Keith Monahan wrote:
> Here's the ioscan from the actual hardware
> no_hostname:/> ioscan
> H/W Path    Class                   Description
> ===============================================
>             bc
> 8           bc                      Pseudo Bus Converter
> 8/0             ba                  PCI Bus Bridge
> 8/0/15.0              instrument    PCI(103c1650)

That seems to be a specific HP PCI card.
Maybe it's possible to pass-through it at some point in an emulation ?

> 8/16            ba                  Core I/O Adapter
> 8/16/0             ext_bus          Built-in Parallel Interface
> 8/16/1             audio            Built-in Audio
> 8/16/4             tty              Built-in RS-232C
> 8/16/5             ext_bus          Built-in SCSI

^ this one isn't implemented yet in qemu.
As I said in another mail, we currently emulate a PCI SCSI card instead.
Maybe emulating the original SCSI controller isn't hard, but I don't know
and I'm not a SCSI expert.

> 8/16/5.0              target
> 8/16/5.0.0               disk        codesrc         SCSI2SD
> 8/16/5.6              target
> 8/16/5.6.0               disk        codesrc         SCSI2SD
> 8/16/5.7              target
> 8/16/5.7.0               ctl        Initiator
> 8/16/6             lan              Built-in LAN

^For that LASI LAN I do have code, but it doesn't work yet.
In HP-UX it fails the self-tests, but in Linux it works.
Still need to bring it upstream at some point.

> 8/16/7             ps2              Built-in Keyboard/Mouse
> 8/16/10            pc               Built-in Floppy Drive
> 8/16/10.1             floppy        HP_PC_FDC_FLOPPY
> 8/24            graphics            Graphics
> 8/27            unknown
> 62          processor               Processor
> 63          memory                  Memory
>>>>         * Scanning system for IO devices...
>>>> NOTE:    There were no disk devices found during the scan.  Make sure
>>>> that the
>>>>           destination disks are connected and powered on.  You may choose 
>>>>           scan for more disk drives from next menu on the console.
>>>> WARNING: Could not verify access to LAN interface: 8/0/1/0
>>>> ERROR:   could not find source device 8/0/0/0 in ioscan output

I think the SCSI controller is the biggest issue for now...
If that works, the installations should continue.


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