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usb storage

From: Pascal
Subject: usb storage
Date: Fri, 30 Oct 2020 08:56:41 +0100


under Qemu 5.1.0, with a Windows virtual machine, if in the console I use

drive_add 0 if=none,file=usb.disk,id=usbdrv
device_add usb-storage,drive=usbdrv,id=usbkey

the disk is presented next to the hard disk C: and is not considered removable although it is possible to eject it from the tool near the clock.
If now in the console I use

info usbhost
device_add usb-host,hostbus=<x>,hostport=<y>,id=keyusb

the (real) usb key passed (through) to the virtual machine is this time presented under the hard disk C: as a removable media.

what is the right command to make my virtual usb key (usb.disk) look the same ?

regards, lacsaP.

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