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Re: Qemu, VNC and non-US keymaps

From: B3r3n
Subject: Re: Qemu, VNC and non-US keymaps
Date: Tue, 12 May 2020 09:45:20 +0200

Hello Daniel, all,

I am a bit confused.

Ok, RFB protocol should be the solution that solves all, sending scancodes rather than doing keysyms stuff. No pb for me.
So I removed my '-k fr' to my Qemu VM start as it was before.

However, reading TightVNC & noVNC docs, both are able to perform RFB.

Since these explanations, I replayed a bit:

Under my testing Debian 10, I redefined keyboard to French + No compose key + AltGr as CTRL_R

Under noVNC: Ctrl_R works well as alternative but when using AltGr, I received 29+100+7 (AltGr + 6) and keep displaying a minus as with AltGr was not pressed.

Under TightVNC (2.7.10) : Ctrl_R displays characters, I am still in QWERTY for letters, weird mapping for other characters, did not checked if compliant with whatever definition. Under TightVNC (last 2.8.27, supposed to be able to RFB): Ctrl_R displays nothing, keys are QWERTY. Seems the same as TightVNC 2.7.10.

With the keyboard defining AltGr as AltGr, no change.

I realize that AltGr is sending 29+100 (seen via showkey), when CTRL_R only sends 97.
When using a remote console (iLo and iDRAC), AltGr only sends 100.

I wonder if the issue would not also be the fact AltGr sends 2 codes, still another one to select the character key (6 for example).

Is that normal Qemu is transforming AltGr (100) in 29+100 ?



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