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Re: Qemu, VNC and non-US keymaps

From: B3r3n
Subject: Re: Qemu, VNC and non-US keymaps
Date: Tue, 12 May 2020 18:30:16 +0200

Dear all,

VNC == RFB - they're two different terms of the same thing.

The core RFB/VNC protocol only knows about keysyms.
Ok, so RFB is not the keyword to track :-(

AFAIK,  TightVNC doesn't support the scancode extension, only TigerVNC.
Confirmed, I replaced TightVNC viewer by TigerVNC, solves the issue. I got AltGr working + Ctrl_R acting as AltGr (my Debian kbd definition).
With this client, it is fine.

About this issue:
> I realize that AltGr is sending 29+100 (seen via showkey), when CTRL_R only
> sends 97.
> When using a remote console (iLo and iDRAC), AltGr only sends 100.
> I wonder if the issue would not also be the fact AltGr sends 2 codes, still
> another one to select the character key (6 for example).
> Is that normal Qemu is transforming AltGr (100) in 29+100 ?

It is hard to say without seeing debuging to see what QEMU received.

I saw Qemu must be compile with debug support, ok.
From this, if you have a recommendation, specific config to setup to debug the particular keyboard, I can do that.

To me the issue is here since a single keyboard key should produce a single keycode. Since my PC does not send 2 keys (else TigerVNC or noVNC would behave the same), it is elsewhere...



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