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emulate SPARC leon2 processor on windows

From: casmac
Subject: emulate SPARC leon2 processor on windows
Date: Tue, 21 Apr 2020 11:11:22 +0800

Hi all,
   I just build QEMU  sparc_softmmu on Windows, and try to execute a sparC leon2 executable file .  I am new to QEMU, so I am not sure I get it right.
command input is :
$ ./qemu-system-sparc -M leon3_generic -cpu LEON2 -m 128 -kernel objcode/3803quicksort.elf
   The QEMU window pop up, no output from the monitor view and serial0 view(not sure how to make use of the different views). The 3803quicksort program just sort an array with no  output.
   Does this imply the program has terminated normally? did I provide the proper  command input to QEMU?

   many thanks.


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