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Re: qemu 4.2.0 audiodev soundhw

From: Zoltán Kővágó
Subject: Re: qemu 4.2.0 audiodev soundhw
Date: Tue, 21 Apr 2020 01:57:06 +0200
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On 2020-04-20 16:44, Gerd Hoffmann wrote:
Hmm, good question how to proceed here best ...

"-soundhw hda" is a shortcut for "-device intel-hda -device hda-duplex"

You can use "-device intel-hda -device hda-duplex,audiodev=sound1" to
make the warning go away.  That is pretty verbose when compared to
"-soundhw hda" though ...

So the options I see are:

   (1) deprecate the -soundhw shortcut, expect users to use -device
   (2) have -soundhw lookup the audiodev and add it automatically.  Works
       only with a single audiodev, but that isn't different from what
       we have today.  If you want do more complicated things you
       already have to use the more verbose -device command line.
   (3) add audiodev option to -soundhw.

I don't like (3) much, our command line is already messy enough.  So my
personal preference would be (1) or (2) ...


I think the original intention was to deprecate -soundhw altogether, and only use -device in new configs. However that was problematic with some special devices, like pcspk and maybe others that are created by the machine and not user creatable. See my commit [1]

I wouldn't recommend (2), we already deprecated creating sound cards without audiodev option, and that code should go away when we get rid of the environment variables based config.

I'm not completely against (3), it might be a bit messy, but probably still better than requiring the user to create an hda bus and attach a codec to it. It would also solve the ugly -global needed to get pcspk work.

[1]: https://git.qemu.org/?p=qemu.git;a=commit;h=af2041ed2d659923b997333c0a4472afaf9cb19f


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