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Re: qemu 4.2.0 audiodev soundhw

From: Gerd Hoffmann
Subject: Re: qemu 4.2.0 audiodev soundhw
Date: Wed, 22 Apr 2020 16:04:25 +0200


> I think the original intention was to deprecate -soundhw altogether, and
> only use -device in new configs.  However that was problematic with some
> special devices, like pcspk and maybe others that are created by the machine
> and not user creatable.

Ah, right, the pcspk issue.  Thanks for refreshing my memory.

'pcspk' is the by far most tricky one.  The device is present
unconditionally, -soundhw pcspk only triggers the registration
with the audiodev backend.

'hda' creates two devices (intel-hda + hda-duplex), so it is an actual
shortcut compared to the longer -device version.

Every other device basically is pci_create_simple(...) or
isa_create_simple(...), even the names are identical, so "-soundhw sb16"
translates to "-device sb16" etc.

So deprecating -soundhw for everything but pcspk and hda is a
no-brainer, it isn't even a shortcut, '-device' is one character
shorter ;)

Question is what we do with hda + pcspk.  I'm wondering whenever pcspk
is actually used in practice ...


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