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arm/cadence_gem driver support

From: Kent Dorfman
Subject: arm/cadence_gem driver support
Date: Wed, 25 Sep 2019 08:52:45 -0400

I need to emulate the xilinx-zynq cortex-a9 since my hardware won't be
here anytime soon.

In experimenting and reading it looks like the cadence_gem driver is
only available when using the -net nic,model=cadence_gem option, and
not as a -device driver option.  This seems to negate the ability to
set up the guest in a fully bridged network configuration where it is
seen as a generic station on the host network.  I need a fully bridged
network connection.

Can someone verify my assertions and suggest a work-around or solution?

Guest is RTEMS, not Linux...


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