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Re: arm/cadence_gem driver support

From: Alexei Colin
Subject: Re: arm/cadence_gem driver support
Date: Wed, 25 Sep 2019 12:43:00 -0400
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On Wed, Sep 25, 2019 at 11:24:12AM -0400, Kent Dorfman wrote:
> yes.  fully bridged access via a tap is what I was looking for...but I
> don't see anything on your command line identifying the guest network
> as cadence_gem: no model=cadence_gem.  Is it implicit?

Instantiation of the device is happening via Xilinx Qemu device tree
node, which has a 'compatible' string identifying the model. The command
line args are implicitly referring to the device in the device tree, by
order, I believe (so, '-net nic' will refer to first ethernet device in
DT, '-net nic -net nic' will refer to first and second etc).

I have not tried tap mode in upstream Qemu.

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