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Re: [Qemacs-devel] Config file questions

From: Hadrien Lacour
Subject: Re: [Qemacs-devel] Config file questions
Date: Sun, 5 Mar 2017 13:01:45 +0100
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On Sun, Mar 05, 2017 at 12:26:44AM +0100, Charles Gordon wrote:
> Hi Hadrien,
> Scripting support is flaky at the moment, I am still investigating various 
> options for the scripting language.
> Still I am surprised `set_tab_width(4)` does not work, did you end your 
> config lines with a semicolon?

> I currently have this content in my ~/.qerc file:
> // Tab-width is now more commonly set to 4
> set_tab_width(8);
> indent_tabs_mode = 0;
> indent_width = 4;
> And it works for me.
Well, you probably don't notice because these are the defaults. show-variable is
pretty clear about this.

> Note that qemacs loads ~/.qe/config at startup and it loads all .qerc files 
> found in any of the parent directories of any file it loads into a buffer. 
> .qerc files are loaded in hierarchical order, from the root directory down to 
> the the directory of the current file.  You can put a .qerc file in the main 
> directory of a project to set project-wide default values.
> The current version has some shortcomings you might find problematic:
> - long lines in the process buffer cause erratic display
> - file times are not checked after the initial load: qemacs does not detect 
> if a file loaded in a buffer is modified on disk asynchronously.
> - yanking more than 4K into the process buffer for input may cause a crash
These don't seem really bad for a normal use.

> Which version of emacs are you familiar with?
> I am interested to hear your feedback.
> Chqrlie.
Well, I'm actually learning emacs. I've programmed with Geany before (which is
pretty good) but I wanted to learn a standard editor (vi or emacs; and I don't
like modal for text editing).
Didn't want the bloated GNU emacs so I tried mg, uemacs-pk and qemacs. Both mg
and qemacs are good, I think, but syntax highlighting is really a plus of 

Thanks for replying fast, by the way.

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